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Red Bank Oaks

Road Maintenance

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Photos of Red Bank Oaks roads prior to April 2010 maintenance

Clover Creek Rd

Entry Drive

Jenny Trail

Bull Run Trail

Clover Creek Rd


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In accordance with the CC&Rs, Article III, "Management," paragraph 4, the Association shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair, and upkeep of the Common Road Easements located within the Properties.  However, the 2/3rds clause in the CC&Rs, Article III, "Management," paragraph 6 restricts the Association's funds and as the cost of road maintenance increases, the frequency with which the roads can be maintained decreases.


At the September 19, 2009 landowners' meeting, the landowners voted to implement a Special Assessment against each parcel to provide funds for all roads to be graded and rock to be laid in key areas during the 2009-2010 term.  The board then voted in a Resolution to establish the Special Assessment.  All roads within Red Bank Oaks were graded by April 2010, with the exception of Raccoon Court where it extended beyond the locked gate.  Rock was spread in areas identified by landowners at the April 2009 meeting (map below).  A photo gallery of the road work was put together.


Landowners are asked to trim their trees back off of the road to allow the grader to smooth their road for future road grading effortsIf the landowners do not trim back their trees, their roads may not be graded.  The areas on this map highlighted in GREEN ____ represent areas where trees need to be trimmed back off of the road.


The RED ____ areas on this map highlight the areas landowners indicated rock was needed on the roads. 

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