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The Association

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The Red Bank Oaks Property Owners’ Association is a legal assembly of landowners.  The landowners assembled and established the Association as a legal entity with the State of California on 27 February 1976 (California State Corporation #C0764507).  The Board of Directors administers Association matters in accordance with California statutes, the Articles of Incorporation, CC&Rs, and Red Bank Oaks Property Owners’ Association Bylaws.


The Association was created as a Common Interest Development to establish common road easements, maintain the private roads and perform other duties that will protect the privacy and primitive nature of the properties, control the pollution of air and water on the properties, and otherwise enhance the value and desirability of the properties.


Red Bank Oaks landowners meet formally each year in October to discuss current issues, plan improvements for the following year, implement popular ideas, and vote in the new Board of Directors.  This meeting is historically catered and landowners enjoy a feast of barbecued delicacies and enjoy day with fellow landowners.  Landowners who are unable to attend meetings may proxy their voting authority to a fellow landowner using official proxy procedures.  In the event a quorum is not present at a meeting when a vote of the landowners is required, voting by mail may be implemented after the meeting to establish a full quorum and provide opportunity for a full vote of the landowners.  Meeting minutes are published after all formal meetings and copies are sent via post to all landowners

Landowners meet again, informally, each following April.  Landowners bring a picnic lunch, relax in the beauty of Spring at Red Bank Oaks, and enjoy the day with fellow landowners.  If the Board of Directors have matters to be discussed and decided, they may elect to hold a meeting during the April gathering.

Both gatherings are organized by the current Board of Directors.

Notice for upcoming meetings is sent to all landowners via post.

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