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Red Bank Oaks


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The roads leading to and throughout Red Bank Oaks are maintained by two separate entities:




The County Road


Balis Bell Road is a county graveled road which is graded approximately twice per year. 


There are four concrete slab creek crossings on Balis Bell Road that must be crossed to access most of Red Bank Oaks.  Look HERE for more information regarding Balis Bell Road.








Red Bank Oaks Roads


The roads throughout Red Bank Oaks are 60-foot wide rights of way which exist so landowners may ingress and egress their properties.  The easements are for the benefit of the owners and are not for public use.  These rights of way also exist for the installation, maintenance, and repair of roadways and utilities.  The Red Bank Oaks Association and volunteer landowners perform road maintenance throughout Red Bank Oaks as needed.


Red Bank Oaks roads are graded and rocked as needed and as funds allow..  Look HERE for more details and a photo gallery of the maintenance performed.


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