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Red Bank Oaks

Balis Bell Road

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Sole Access Road to Most of Red Bank Oaks and Neighboring Ranches

Each year when rains are in excess, the four primary creek crossings on Balis Bell Road become susceptible to flash-flooding.  Balis Bell Road is the county road leading to Red Bank Oaks and neighboring ranches.  The seasonal flash floods heavily impact safe usage of Balis Bell Road, but the water recedes within hours when the rain stops to facilitate safe crossing.  

In lieu of installing safe crossing platforms across the creeks, the Tehama County Public Works Department has posted signs indicating the creeks are not to be crossed when waters are in excess of 8” deep.  The mandate effectively closes the only access road into and out of Red Bank Oaks when the flow exceeds an 8” depth.  Landowners trapped from employment, school, adequate food, or shelter, either in town or on their property as a result of the 8” mandate, are encouraged to contact the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department (530) 529-7900 or the Department of Public Works (530) 385-1462 to secure safe passage across creek crossings rather than violate the 8” mandate and risk unrecoverable damages and possible loss of life.

The Tehama County Public Works Department maintains the graveled portion of Balis Bell Road in accordance with the County of Tehama Department of Public Works Policies and Procedures, Section 5, “Operations” – Policy 5-13 (Road Grading).  Under these guidelines, the crew assigned to maintain Balis Bell Road diligently maintains its smoothness in all seasons.  They work swiftly and professionally and have helped keep the road “washboard-“ and pothole-free most of the year.

Hidden Hazards

The creek crossings on Balis Bell Road have the potential to develop large, deep pits immediately beside their concrete slab crossings.  When rain waters cause the creek to flow even just moderately, these pits become invisible under the murky waters.  These pits are deadly as any vehicle washed off the concrete slabs while crossing will become immediately submerged in the pits.  In 2002 and 2003, the Tehama County Public Works Department filled the pits to reduce the danger associated with the crossings.  However, landowners should be aware that such pits redevelop quickly during a flashflood and may exist under the murky waters despite the county’s efforts.

The Future of the Creek Crossings

The Tehama County Public Works Department is aware Balis Bell Road is powerfully treacherous when flash floods occur.  They are equally aware Balis Bell Road is the only access road into and out of Red Bank Oaks and neighboring ranches.  They have determined, however, that Balis Bell does not rank well enough against other county roads to be included on their project priority list for improvement (safe crossing platforms).

To submit claims for damages caused by road conditions on Balis Bell Road, landowners should contact:

Gary Antone

Director of Public Works

Tehama County Public Works Dept.

9380 San Benito Avenue

Gerber, California 96035-9701

(530) 385-1462


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