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The Williamson Act

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All but four land parcels within the Red Bank Oaks Property Owners’ Association are governed by The California Land Conservation Act of 1965, commonly referred to as The Williamson Act.  Williamson Act contracts on Association lands were entered into between the landowners and Tehama County between December 1975 and July 1983.  Each Williamson Act contract is binding upon, and inures to the benefit of, all successors in interest of the owner.  In other words, the contracts are attached to the land and remain in effect regardless of who owns the land.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with The Williamson Act.  The text of The Williamson Act clearly identifies its purpose and intent and provides explicit instruction how lands are contracted and removed from contracts.  The Act also governs how the county is to approach application for improvements within contracted lands (referred to cumulatively as Agricultural Preserves).  On October 9, 2003, the California State Assembly chaptered Assembly Bill 1492 which amended the California Land Conservation Act of 1965.  Prior to its adoption, the proposed Assembly Bill 1492 was reviewed in the Capital Press.  The review provides insight as to why members of the Assembly felt it necessary to amend the California Land Conservation Act of 1965.  After its adoption, the Tehama County Planning department provided a document which contained frequently asked questions regarding the effect of the Assembly Bill.

All Tehama County Williamson Act contracts are recorded at the Tehama County Recorder’s Office and are available to the public.  The Tehama County Recorder’s Office can provide you a copy of the Williamson Act contract governing your parcel if you let them know the Book and Page numbers of its location.  They currently charge $1.50 per page for copies and postage may be extra.  The contracts are typically 11-12 pages long.  Contact information for the Tehama County Recorder’s Office follows:

Tehama County Recorder’s Office

633 Washington Road

Red Bluff, California 96080

(530) 527-3350

We’ve compiled a listing of the Williamson Act contracts which govern each parcel in Red Bank Oaks.  This listing identifies the Book and Page numbers for each contract to assist those landowners who wish to review or order a copy of the specific contract governing their land.

Each year, Tehama County is required, by law, to present land use statistics to the State of California in order to receive state subsidies for Williamson Act lands.  The county gathers the statistics by sending land use surveys to all Williamson Act landowners each January.  All Red Bank Landowners PLEASE NOTEBecause your lands are leased for commercial cattle grazing via the Association, the Association provides the survey information to the county on your behalf.  When you receive the survey in the mail, simply follow these procedures:

1) Draw a diagonal line across the page.

2) Write, “Handled by the Red Bank Oaks Property Owners’ Association” along the diagonal line.

3) Return the document to Tehama County.

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