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Red Bank Oaks

Wildlife and Hunting

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Feral Pigs

Feral pigs are a common sight at Red Bank Oaks.  Landowners and guests should be cautious when the pigs are near.  In most cases, the pigs will avoid contact; however, they have been known to be aggressive when threatened or caught off-guard.


Deer are a less common sight at Red Bank Oaks than the feral pigs, but they are beginning to be seen more frequently than in recent past years.  Landowners who plan to homestead their properties should expect to fence off their plants and young trees from the deer to ensure the survival of the plants.


Courting season for the wild turkeys provides ample opportunity for landowners to see large gatherings of turkeys in Red Bank Oaks.  This is perhaps the best time to see the Toms as they cluster together, display the full span of their tail, and strut around to attract the hens.

Other Wildlife

In addition to feral pigs, deer, and turkeys, landowners can expect to see an occasional bobcat, puma, or even bear.  Coyotes are a common sight but are more often heard at dusk as they howl across the hills to distant packs.  Squirrels, snakes, eagles, lizards, woodpeckers, raccoons, hummingbirds, and skunks also inhabit Red Bank Oaks.

Humming Bird

Killdeer Egg


Gray Fox

Feral Pig

Funnel Web Spider

Killdeer Chick


Preying Mantas

Pond Frog

Turkey Hen


Ground Squirrel


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Hunting Restrictions

Landowners must restrict their hunting activities to the boundaries of their own property and may not trespass onto other properties to scout or flush game.  All individuals who elect to hunt on their private property are required to have licensed weapons and must abide by California Fish & Game Code (obtain the appropriate Fish & Game hunting licenses and tags, abide by hunting seasons, etc.)

All unauthorized or suspicious hunting activity is reported to Fish & Game.


Landowners who hunt in the dry season should be aware of the danger gunfire poses in relation to grass fires.  Although hunting may be restricted to one’s private property, a grass fire started by gunfire can spread quickly beyond those boundaries and destroy neighboring properties.


Landowners are expected to be courteous of their neighbors.  Gunfire is disruptive to the peaceful setting of Red Bank Oaks, especially when fired off too early or too late in the day.  As more landowners take up residency on their properties, hunters become more susceptible to being turned in for “disturbing the peace” and “endangerment.”  Please be considerate of your fellow landowners to ensure other landowners can enjoy Red Bank Oaks as well.

How to Report a Poacher

Landowners who spot unauthorized or suspicious hunting or scouting within Red Bank Oaks are encouraged to immediately contact:

Officer Mitch Carlson

Game Warden

Department of Fish and Game

Phone: (530) 347-1090

Cell: (530) 526-2757

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