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Red Bank Oaks

Self-Sustainment Lifestyle

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Off the Power Grid

Red Bank Oaks is approximately 1 1/2 miles beyond the local power grid in the southeast corner of the association and at least 3 miles beyond the local power grid along Balis Bell Road.  With the current cost of new power extensions and limited Association funds, it is unlikely the grid will be extended to Red Bank Oaks properties anytime soon.  Consequently, resident landowners generate their own power using alternative energy resources.

Power Generation Subsidy Program

Recognizing traditional power lines may never be a reality in Red Bank Oaks, the Board of Directors of 1995 implemented a Power Subsidy Program to assist landowners with generating power at their properties.  The Power Subsidy Program is funded by a portion of cattle grazing funds set aside specifically to support power generation per CC&Rs, Article III, Management, paragraph 6.

Technology Makes it Easy!

Landowners are encouraged to research alternative energy resources thoroughly to fully understand all options available to them for generating power at their properties.

QUIET power generation is encouraged!  Please help keep Red Bank Oaks a peaceful retreat!

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