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When It Is Necessary To Have a Full Vote of the Landowners

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There are 4 instances where a quorum/majority vote of all landowners is required as identified in CC&Rs and California Corporations Code:

1. AMENDMENTS TO CC&Rs:  CC&Rs, Article V, Amendments:  “The provisions of this Declaration may be amended from time to time upon a majority vote of the owners entitled to vote.”

2. ELECTIONS: CC&Rs:  Article VI, Activities of the Association, paragraph 4:  “The directors shall be elected and may be removed by a majority of the votes cast by the owners.”

3. ANNEXATION OF LANDS:  CC&Rs, Article VIII, Annexation: “ Additional land or common area may be annexed to the Properties with the consent of a majority vote of the owners entitled to vote.”

4. DISSOLUTION:  California Corporations Code, Title 1, Division 1, Chapter 19, section 1900:  “Any corporations may elect voluntarily to wind up and dissolve by the vote of shareholders holding shares representing 50 percent or more of the voting power.”

All matters requiring an Association vote shall be determined by a majority vote of those present or represented by proxy.  Such vote may either be in writing or by a majority of those present at any meeting of the Association called by the Board of Directors or any owner upon at least fifteen (15) days prior written notice to all owners who have registered their addresses with the Association.  A majority of the owners must be present or represented by proxy to constitute a quorum.

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