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Official Proxy Procedures

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Reference Bylaws, Article II, Meeting of Members

Section 2.07.  Voting by Proxy.  Voting by proxy shall be authorized. Proxy solicitations will be sent to landowners along with notice of meetings.  To ensure the integrity of proxy submissions, all landowners must submit their proxy directly to the Board of Directors using the official Red Bank Oaks Property Owners' Association mailing address.  The Board of Directors will identify and document proxies received on the sign-in sheets for each meeting prior to distributing the proxies at the meeting.  Sign-in sheets with documented proxies are to be permanently filed with Association documents in a designated Proxy File.  Absentee landowners may assign any other landowner, to include any member of the Board of Directors, as their proxy.  If the landowner of their choice does not attend the meeting, the proxy is void and no vote is counted.  All proxies will be dated and good only for the one meeting assigned to it.  If no issues arise to be voted on at the meeting, the proxy becomes void.  This procedure is to repeat itself for each subsequent meeting.

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