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Subdivision Public Reports

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        Before marketing new subdivisions in California, subdividers must obtain a public report from the Department of Real Estate. Public reports contain information of vital importance to prospective buyers including covenants, conditions and restrictions which govern the use of property, costs and assessments for maintaining landowners' associations and common areas, and other material disclosures.

        Public reports are a critical disclosure document which should be read and understood by any purchaser considering buying property in a new subdivision. It is important for consumers to know that a subdivider is required to provide a copy of the public report to a prospective buyer before the buyer becomes obligated to purchase a lot or unit within the subdivision and also to any prospective purchaser who requests it.

        After the subdivider conveys the last remaining lot in the subdivision, the Department of Real Estate's oversight ends and the board of directors of the association operates the subdivision.


The Final Subdivision Public Report which at one time contained material disclosures for 48 properties in Red Bank Oaks (named Ridgecreek at the time) was issued June 16, 1978 and was twice amended (July 20, 1978 and May 2, 1980).

It’s important to note this report did not pertain to 20 properties in Red Bank Oaks which had been conveyed before the report was issued.

The report identifies which properties were involved.

The original and amended documents are provided here for reference. When viewing the amended documents, the areas of the report which were altered by amendment are shaded in colored text for quick reference.

bulletRidgecreek Final Subdivision Report – Original (16 June 1978)
bulletRidgecreek Final Subdivision Report – First Amendment (20 July 1978)
bulletRidgecreek Final Subdivision Report – Second Amendment (2 May 1980)


Copies of the original documents can be viewed and obtained from the California Department of Real Estate, Subdivisions Office - North:

California Department of Real Estate

Subdivisions Office - North

P.O. Box 187005, Sacramento, CA 95818-7005

2201 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818-2500

Telephone: (916) 227-0813

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