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Red Bank Oaks

North of the Delta Offstream Storage Investigation

Record of Decision

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CALFED Bay-Delta Program

Record of Decision


August 28, 2000

CALFED Bay-Delta Program

Record of Decision [What’s New][Programmatic Record of Decision (August 2000)][pages 42-45]

2.2.5 Storage

Expanding water storage capacity is critical to the successful implementation of all aspects of the CALFED Program.  Not only is additional storage needed to meet the needs of a growing population but, if strategically located, it will provide much needed flexibility in the system to improve water quality and support fish restoration efforts.

The Programmatic EIS/EIR identified actions that will be pursued in Stage 1 to expand storage capacity at existing reservoirs and strategically located off-stream sites by approximately 950 TAF, and to implement a major expansion of more environmentally sensitive groundwater storage for an additional 500 TAF to 1 MAF.  CALFED Agencies are committed to increasing storage through the development of acceptable projects described below.

Based upon the work of the Integrated Storage Investigation and previous studies, DWR and Reclamation will work with other CALFED Agencies to take the necessary steps to pursue expansion of two existing reservoirs [Shasta Lake and Los Vaqueros Reservoir] and construction of a new offstream reservoir [In-Delta storage project], with a combined capacity of 950 TAF and a major expansion of groundwater storage for an additional 500 TAF to 1 MAF. DWR and Reclamation will also study two potential storage projects [Sites Reservoir and San Joaquin River watershed] through partnerships with local agencies.  These two additional sites will require substantial technical work and further environmental review and development of cost-sharing agreements before decisions to pursue them as part of the CALFED Program.

Surface Storage Projects To Be Pursued With Project-Specific Study:

bulletIn-Delta storage project (approximately 250 TAF)
bulletExpand CVP storage in Shasta Lake by approximately 300 TAF
bulletExpand Los Vaqueros Reservoir by up to 400 TAF with local partners as part of a Bay Area water quality and water resupply reliability initiative

Project Potential Storage (acre-feet)

In-Delta Storage 250,000
Enlarged Shasta 300,000
Expanded Los Vaqueros 400,000
Groundwater/Conjunctive Use 500,000-1,000,000



Surface Projects Requiring Further Consideration:



Sites Reservoir


250-700 TAF of additional storage in the upper San Joaquin River watershed

The remaining potential reservoir sites in CALFED’s screened list of 12 sites [including the Red Bank Project] appear to have less potential for providing benefits during Stage 1 or soon thereafter, either because of cost, extensive planning and analysis required, or other factors.  Some of these sites may be retained solely for analysis purposes and could serve as alternatives to the above projects.  CALFED does not plan to pursue implementation of any of these projects at this time.

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