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Published Official Statements

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22 Apr 95 - Meeting Minutes:

"As an owner at Red Bank Oaks, you have the right to use the right-a-way for the purpose of passage, the same as any county road.  This does not give you the right to do anything else; including but not limited to hunting, gathering down wood, or cutting dead or live trees on anyone else's property.  If you are going to cut or gather wood on anyone's property, get the owner's permission in writing and have it in your possession or otherwise people can assume you are trespassing and are breaking the law."

21 Oct 95 - Meeting Minutes:

"All property owners have a one-time offer for Red Bank Oaks Property Owners Association to help them with producing electricity.  Any owner may use the money for a generator, solar, or any other means to make electricity at their property in Red Bank Oaks and Red Bank Oaks Property Owners' Association will pay 23% of the cost up to $1,100.00.  This is effective as of June 1, 1995."

1 May 02 – Addendum

Each parcel may benefit only one time from the subsidy program and landowners of multiple parcels may not receive multiple subsidies for a single power source.  Landowners are expected to act in good faith.  The intent of the subsidy program is to support the permanent extension of power to all parcels individually.  The subsidized power source is expected to transfer with ownership of the parcel.  When requesting subsidy, landowners must submit all receipts for the power source with the following information clearly marked on each receipt:

1) Parcel number to which power subsidy will support

2) Name, address, and phone number of landowner purchasing power source

3) Name, address, and phone number of seller from whom power source was purchased

4) All relevant make, model, and serial number information for the power source

Prior to receiving power subsidy, power source must be inspected onsite (at parcel) by a Red Bank Oaks Property Owners’ Association representative to verify all relevant make, model, and serial number information.  Failure of the landowner to allow inspection will result in automatic denial of power subsidy – no exceptions.

11 May 98 - Letter in Response to Question (Located in Meeting Binder)

Question:  If a homeowner wants to modify a road in our development to gain access to his property for the purpose of building a home or bringing in a Modular or Mobile Home, does he/she have the right to do so?

Answer:  The Property Owners' Association has an easement for all roads in the development and you, as a property owner, have the right to use these roads to access your property.  However, these roads are on private property and are maintained by the Association; so any destruction or modification of these roads by anyone who needs this type of access must first gain permission from the property owner who's property may be affected as well as be financially responsible for returning the roads to such condition the Association and property owner feels necessary.

11 May 98 - Letter in Response to Concern (Located in Meeting Binder)

Concern:  Installation of gates across roads in development.

Response:  These parcels are private property and although the Association has an easement and members of the Association have the right to use these roads to gain access to their property through this easement, it is acceptable to install a gate to stop access to your property.  It is not acceptable to install a gate if it stops access to another owner's property unless all owners affected agree to it.  Remember the Association has an easement and must have access to maintain these roads.  Also, you do not have the right to gain access to your property through another property unless it's via a road with Association easement, unless you have the property owner's permission.

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