Letter to Parcel #21-16-032 (2)


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Red Bank Oaks Property Owners' Association

859 Washington Street

PMB 108

Red Bluff, California   96080



XXXX Road Name

City, California XXXXX


4 May 2009




We have not received communication from you regarding the delinquent fenced land assessments for your parcel #21-16-032.  In our letter to you dated September 18, 2008, we advised your fenced land assessments have gone unpaid for several years now and have accrued to an amount that may result in lien action on the property if not resolved.  Because we did not receive a response from you, the matter was addressed at the April 25, 2009 landowners’ meeting.  The landowners have elected to proceed to Small Claims Court for recovery of delinquent amounts and legal fees if the assessments are not resolved in 30 days.


We respectfully request your coordination with Treasurer, David Weston, to resolve this matter before action is taken in Small Claims Court.  Mr. Weston can be reached at the address posted at the top of this letter.  You may also reach him by e-mail at Treasurer@RedBankOaks.org.


The following policy applies to any fenced area within Red Bank Oaks.

To ensure the Association accurately assesses each landowner's fenced acreage, the fenced acreage should be objectively measured.  In 2001, the landowners decided the amount of acreage fenced will be determined using one of three methods:


1.  The landowner may submit a letter from a licensed surveyor indicating the measurement(s) of the fencing and certifying the amount of acreage fenced.  This letter must be dated, certified, and contain the mailing address and phone number of the surveyor.  A copy of the document is to be maintained in the Association Treasurer's files.


2.  The landowner may allow a Red Bank Oaks Property Owners' Association Board member to measure the perimeter of the fenced acreage using a measuring wheel. The landowner is encouraged to escort the Board Member and take part in this activity.  The measurement(s) will be documented, along with the names of the Board Member and the Landowner, and the document will be signed and dated by both parties.  A copy of the document is to be maintained in the Association Treasurer's files.


3.  If the landowner does not contact the Association and elect to use either of the above methods to help ensure accurate assessment, the Association will automatically assume the fenced acreage to be the full acreage of the property, even if the naked eye suggests the acreage to be much smaller.


Though not reflected in the CC&Rs, it has been Association policy to allow each landowner to fence 1 (one) acre without penalty.  All fenced acreage beyond the 1-acre allowance will be assessed accordingly.


Kind regards,



Kimberly A. Rowe, President

Red Bank Oaks Property Owners' Association

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